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Sulfur Recovery – GT‑DOS™ Direct Oxidation to Sulfur

GT-DOS is a patented technology developed by TDA Research and licensed worldwide by GTC Technology. GT-DOS offers simplicity of operation, and is specifically applicable to lean acid gas streams, cost effectively recovering sulfur in the 0.1 to 200 Ton/day range.

Process Description

The GT-DOS technology converts H2S catalytically directly into sulfur, from lean (low concentration) H2S streams. The sulfur conversion efficiency is around 90% in a single pass.

H2S + ½ O2 -> S + H2O

The H2S containing feed stream is mixed with air and heated to the reaction temperature and fed to the GT-DOS reactor. The mixed metal oxide catalyst has been proven to be resistant to high concentrations of hydrocarbons, including aromatics and olefins. The reacted stream containing sulfur vapor is condensed to recover the sulfur. The gas stream can be further desulfurized with sorbents or tail gas treatment.

Heat integration between the feed and effluent will reduce overall utility consumption. Recycle operations can increase the overall conversion and enable the treatment of higher concentration acid gas streams.

Process Advantages

  • Does not require acid gas enrichment; it can directly convert streams with low H2S content
  • High pressure operation
  • Lower capital cost compared to “modified Claus”, liquid iron-redox or non-aqueous liquid phase sulfur recovery processes
  • Operating costs comparable with conventional “modified Claus”, and significantly lower than liquid iron-redox or other non-aqueous sulfur recovery processes.
  • High purity, saleable sulfur
  • Proven capability of handling higher hydrocarbon content compared to traditional direct oxidation, or liquid iron-redox approaches

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