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Acid Gas Removal & Acid Gas Enrichment – GT‑MeriSorb™

GT-MeriSorb is a solvent based technology to capture acid gases by absorption followed by regeneration. Optimized solvent chemistry is critical to manage amine degradation and operation in the presence of heavy hydrocarbons, heat stable salts, and oxygen. Innovations in mass and heat transfer improve overall energy efficiency.

Process Description

Gas containing H2S and CO2 is contacted in an absorption tower with a solvent which has a preferential affinity for the acid gas. This allows the feed gas to be stripped out of these components which end up in the solvent. The purified gas leaves at the top of the absorber tower. The “rich” solvent is then heated through the “lean-rich” exchanger, and sent to the stripper column where it is thermally stripped. The “lean” solvent is re-circulated, cooled through the “lean rich exchanger” and then through fin-fan or other coolers prior to entering the amine absorber. For acid gas enrichment, the solvent is chosen to have a preference for H2S over CO2, thereby enabling the enrichment of one component over the other.

There are many nuances to the design and operation of a reliable acid gas removal and enrichment process. This is driven by the aerosolized contaminants in the feed stream, complexity of the absorption, the liquid phase reactions, heat stable salt formation, corrosion reaction. Design and operations experience is critical for a robust and reliable system.

    Process Advantages

    • Range of solvents are available
    • Advanced mass transfer packing and tray technology
    • Modular, skid mounted systems available

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