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Neville Venture

GTC Technology is working closely with Neville Chemical Company (NCC) of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, to produce high quality hydrocarbon resins (HCRs) through the creation of joint ventures with large naphtha-cracking ethylene producers.

NCC, a privately held business, started producing coumarone-indene resins from coke oven light oils in the early 1930s and, by 1948, had begun to produce HCRs from certain olefinic hydrocarbons produced by olefin units. NCC is now one of the top HCR producing companies in the world and is well respected by global producers of adhesives, rubber, coatings and inks.

GTC offers multiple processes to capture and purify valuable components found in the C5 through C12 fractions generated by ethylene producers, including the GTC C5 extraction and purification process which produces the best yield of isoprene suitable for both the isoprene rubber and the SIS block co-polymer markets. This process also produces Piperylenes and DCPD with specifications that are the most useful to the HCR producer and have the best yields for the olefin producer.

By combining NCC’s technology product lines and globally recognized brands with GTC’s knowledge of C5 and C9 HCR feedstock extraction and purification technology, the two companies are setting up regional joint ventures (RJV) with leading ethylene producers to manufacture HCRs from the C5 (Piperylenes), DCPD and aromatic C9 fractions generated by naphtha crackers.

As a result, this RJV approach by NCC and GTC with a typical ethylene producer allows each party to contribute their respective products and brands with proven technology and a secure source of feedstocks as well as to participate in the uplift gained by the production and marketing of valuable HCRs.