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Aromatization/Olefin Cracking

Sulzer GTC Technology, in alliance with our technology partner, offers commercially proven aromatization technology for gasoline octane improvement or aromatics production. The technology uses a proprietary catalyst in fixed bed reactors with periodic catalyst regeneration. Sulzer GTC provides various options in capital investment and operation modes to maximize our client’s profits.


Process Advantages

  •  Aromatization technology for octane improvement
    • Upgrade low octane gasoline to premium gasoline
    • Overall product utilization (gasoline +LPG) is greater than 93%
    • The upgraded RON 90 gasoline has low sulfur and olefins, and is
      excellent blending material combined with FCC gasoline
         Aromatization technology for aromatics production
    • Convert C4 – C8 olefins into aromatics
    • No hydrogen needed
    • Complete integration with Steam Cracker possible with dry gas for
      hydrogen recovery; LPG and paraffins are recycled to steam cracking
    • Simple distillation is typically used to meet the aromatics specifications
      for paraxylene manufacture
    • Feedstocks can be from FCC, Steam Cracking, and Coking

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