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GTC team inspecting a unit

Hands-on Inspection: Ajay K. Bhatnagar and Alok Saxena

Between May through July, a GTC-licensed sulfolane production unit began successful operations in Saudi Arabia. The technology, GT-Sulfolane™, was licensed in 2012 to Addar Group-Arab House for Industrial Consultancy (Addar), a company of Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA).  This grassroots unit was built in Jubail Industry City of KSA and will produce sulfolane from sulfur dioxide (SO2), butadiene and hydrogen. Conformity of the unit with the design and its layout was inspected by Praveen Chaudhary, Senior Engineer-Instrumentation & IT, and Umesh Goel, Consultant, both from Sulzer GTC India, in May-June 2018.




GTC team group picture

First Team: Paresh Parmar (Addar), Vasif Shaikh (Addar Chemicals), Joseph Chiu, Himanshu Mishra, Ashutosh Negi

GT-Sulfolane℠ is unique in having an unconventional flow scheme that involves both batch and continuous unit operations. This feature is different from other conventional GTC technologies which utilize mostly continuous flow schemes. The first design and start-up of the unit was accomplished as a Sulzer GTC team, consisting of Joseph Chiu, Senior Project Manager/Houston office; Ashutosh Negi, Technical Services Advisor; Himanshu Mishra, Deputy Manager-Technology & Engineering; and Alok Saxena, Managing Director (all from Sulzer GTC India) overcame various operational challenges.  Support from Dr. Ajay Bhatnagar, Consultant/ Sulzer GTC India, and Bryant Slimp, Manager-Business Development/Sulzer GTC Houston, to resolve intricacies of involved chemistry, during the critical start-up phase was remarkable along with the support and cooperation from the Addar team.


image of first batch of sulpholane product

The first batch of Sulpholane
product at Addar site; product purity 99.81% and clear

With the unit fully operational, the first Sulpholane product was obtained on 9 August. Once in-house hydrogen production is operational at Addar, sulfolane production will be achieved at design capacity.