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Random Packing

GTC offers all commercial sizes and shapes of each generation of rings in metallic, non-metallic, carbon and alloy steel materials to achieve the optimum performance.  We recommend random packing for high pressure gas absorption systems, cryogenic demethanizers, and other high pressure and/or high liquid rate systems where trays or structured packing are not the preferred choice.

Second Generation Plastic and Metal Rings

GTC’s GT-PRTM, second generation plastic and metal rings are easy to install and feature a 1:1 height and diameter aspect ratio.  Clients can expect to achieve a low pressure drop and higher capacity and efficiency when using GTC’s second generation plastic and metal rings.

Third Generation Plastic and Metal Rings

GT-IRTM and GT-CRTM are GTC’s third generation plastic and metal rings that are well-suited to handle very high liquid applications, in particular where foaming is a concern.  The geometric packing shapes have been developed to minimize foam while allowing greater liquid and vapor loads than older generations of packing.

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