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GTC new licensing team group picture

JingSong Zhou/Houston, ShuHui (Steven) Yan/ Beijing, Y. P. Lee/Seoul, Lionel Dkhar/Houston and Dan Topp/Houston (unpictured) got a thorough overview of Sulzer GTC’s business and organization.

GTC team group picture

Breaking Out! Meta Naulita-Ellis, Kim Anderson, Mara Canen (front), Randi Wytcherley (back), Kat Martini, Catherine Gall, and Wayne Yarnell


Several of the newest members of Sulzer GTC’s licensing group had four days of training in Houston to get a better understanding of technologies, operations, sales and the continuing integration with Sulzer.

The “trainees” were joined one evening by other licensing and engineering staff for a Team Building exercise at ‘The Escape Room’.  An escape room is a physical adventure game in which players are locked in a room and have to use elements of the room to solve a series of puzzles and then escape within a set time limit.

Our brave participants, with a time limit of one hour, solved the clues and escaped with three seconds left.

Not to be outdone, The R&D staff in Bozeman successfully completed “The Heist”, an Escape Room featured at a local facility, Bozeman Breakout. Although not done in record time, they made it out of the room within the allotted 60 minutes with a few to spare! Completing the room required team collaboration to find clues and solve puzzles involving cracking codes and disabling lasers.


GTC team picture at the escape room game

With Three Seconds Left! (kneeling) Steven Yan, Lionel Dkhar; (standing) JingSong Zhou, Charlie Chou, Sachin Joshi, Joe Gentry, Sasha Strasser, Weihua Jin, Dan Topp, Y. P. Lee, Ilya Aranovich and Rahul Khandelwal.