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Sulzer GTC can help clients eliminate slag buildup and other fire side fouling and extend time between major fired heater/boiler maintenance jobs with our advanced fired heater/boiler chemical cleaning technology.  Our technology can improve heater efficiency without shutting down plant operations in a range of applications including refinery heaters, petrochemical fired heaters and oil-fired boilers.
Our fired heater/boiler chemical cleaning technology can be used to clean air preheaters (APH) by spraying our proprietary liquid chemical through specially designed nozzles, indirectly onto the radiant and convection tubes of the fired heater.  The chemical vaporizes and covers the targeted exposed tube surfaces in a similar manner as the firebox chemicals.  This process can also be completed without an APH bypass.
Our fired heater cleaning process has been proven to significantly increase feed throughput, lower fuel costs and reduce greenhouse gas emissions all without plant facility modifications.  Our experienced staff can deliver online fired heater cleaning services in 2-5 days depending on heater geometry, layout, operations and conditions.

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