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Recognizing New Technology and Documentation of Ideas


picture of GTC award recipients

Sulzer GTC Houston Silver Dollar Recipients (l-r): Mircea Cretoiu, Joseph Chiu, Joe Weller, Andrei Cimpeanu, Bryant Slimp and Weihua Jin. Additional recipients were: Houston – Rahul Khandelwal; Bozeman: Randi Wytcherley, Meta Naulita-Ellis, Kim Anderson, Katherine Martini, Wayne Yarnell and Mara Canen.

The Silver Dollar Awards program is conducted every year to recognize the developers and inventors that create new technology and documentation ideas that bring value to Sulzer GTC. Ideas are evaluated by the company’s invention/patent review group, and are based on potential value, novelty, business objectives, and strategy. Once obtained, the intellectual property gives Sulzer GTC the right to create a protected market for the technology.

Current patent committee members are Joe Gentry, Mircea Cretoiu, Joe Weller, Meijuan Zeng, Randi Wytcherley (Bozeman) and Mike Binkley (Euless).

GTC Houston certificate recipients

Houston Certificate Recipients (l-r): Weihua Jin, Mircea Cretoiu, Bryant Slimp and Joe Gentry. Other recipients were: Houston – Zhongyi Ding and Euless – Brad Fleming and Mike Binkley.

The inventors for each Meritorious Idea are awarded a silver dollar, as is each inventor for a Patent Filing, including provisional patents.  Patent Grant Awards – If a patent is ultimately granted by the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) or an international authorized patent office, $1000 cash is awarded.  Those recipients are also awarded a certificate.