Technology Licensing

GTC offers more than 25 licenses for technologies used in the hydrocarbon processing industry to increase capacity, improve efficiency, and maximize production.  Our patented suite of technologies covers the following areas of hydrocarbon processing:

  • Petrochemicals
  • Refinery
  • Gas Processing
  • Polyester Intermediates

GTC’s petrochemical technologies provide value-added products from the steam cracker including BTX, styrene, naphthalene and various C5‘s.  It is important for crackers using liquid feedstocks to upgrade all of the by-products in order to maintain competitiveness with the crackers using low-cost ethane feedstock.

Our refining technologies upgrade fuel streams into higher-value products or petrochemicals.  These processes include CCR naphtha reforming, light naphtha isomerization and direct recovery of BTX from FCC gasoline.  GTC’s portfolio also includes a range of processes for meeting the clean fuels mandate for benzene reduction and low-sulfur products.

For sour gas streams, we offer a single-step Claus-type process for hydrogen sulfide removal, illustrating some of the unique advantages our technology can bring to clients’ facilities.

In the polyester value chain, GTC presents a newly pioneered approach that can eliminate the traditional intermediates with distinctive break points between raw material and end products.  We offer a hybrid scheme for PX manufacturing and mixed acid co-production to special products, among others.