Jiangsu Shenghong to Build World’s Largest GT-BTX Unit

The Jiangsu Shenghong Group recently selected GT-BTX® technology as a part of its grassroots refining-aromatics-olefins integrated complex to be built in Lianyungang City, north of Jiangsu Province in China.

The complex will process 16MMTA crude oil and produce 2.8MMTA pX and 1.1MMTA ethylene, together with a complete chain of aromatics and olefins derivatives. The estimated total investment is over US$10 billion. The ground-breaking ceremony was held in December 2018 at the site. Start-up is slated for mid-2021.

The unit has been designed with two parallel feed lines, each with a processing capacity of 2MMTA. Once operating, the new unit will be the largest aromatics extraction unit in the world.

Xiaodong “Lilly” An

“Jiangsu Shenghong’s refining-aromatics-olefins integrated project is one of three mega-integrated projects with investments by private sectors in China. The other two are Dalian Hengli and Zhejiang Petrochemical (ZPC). All three are in the implementation stage and will be started up in the order of Hengli, ZPC and Shenghong within the next couple of years. Hengli is our existing client who selected GT-BTX and Isomalk-2,” said Xiaodong “Lilly” An, Senior Technical Sales Manager at GTC Beijing.

Zhepeng Liu

“Our GT-BTX unit in Shenghong will process the reformate feed from the refinery and pygas feed from the ethylene cracker; sitting at the crossroads of the complex, it is a great demonstration of how the refinery, pX complex and ethylene complex are integrated together. This is an integral part of a completely new site that will process 16 million tons per year of crude oil and produce a wide variety of aromatics, olefins and their derivatives when completed about three years from now,” said Zhepeng Liu, GTC Vice President, Sales and Licensing/Eastern Hemisphere. “It will help China meet its goal of self-sufficiency in aromatics product.”

In addition to the process license, process design package and technical service, GTC will also provide proprietary items related to the technology.