GTC Invited to Present at PTTGC Conference

Ajay Bagul, 2nd from right, and Sashikant Madgula, right end, visit with conference delegates.

PTTGC, the largest refining and petrochemical company in Thailand, invited GTC Technology to present and showcase technologies related to energy savings and efficiency at the GC Energy Technology Conference, their own internal energy technology conference. Sashikant Madgula, Regional Licensing Manager/GTC Singapore, and Ajay Bagul, PET Consultant/GTC Singapore, attended the event in Rayong, Thailand.  Sashikant made a presentation on Dividing Wall Column technology.

Sashikant making the DWC presentation.

The closed event was by invitation only.  This was the first year that PTTGC held the conference.  Their goal is to organize an internal knowledge sharing event to their entire company.