About Us

Headquartered in Houston, Texas, GTC Technology US, LLC (GTC) is a global licensor of process technologies, offering engineering services, process equipment solutions, chemicals and catalysts to the petrochemical, refining and gas processing markets.  Our heritage of innovation expands more than a decade, dating back to 1994 as a process technology solutions division of Glitsch Inc., a mass transfer equipment company owned by Foster Wheeler Corporation.

In 2002, GTC was taken private in a 50-50 joint venture between the GS Group and our management team, who recognized the need for an independent technology licensor in the chemical process industry. Over the next seven years, GTC experienced unprecedented growth, celebrating dozens of successful licenses while gaining quick recognition in the aromatics and refining fields.

In 2009, GTC announced a change in ownership structure, selling individual minority interest in the company to SCG Chemicals (www.scg.co.th) and Sud-Chemie now Clariant (www.clariant.com).  The strategic alliance formed among the three companies allowed GTC to broaden its business portfolio and accelerate growth and competitiveness.

Today, GTC’s business offerings span from technology licensing, engineering, and process equipment solutions, to online heater cleaning, chemicals, catalysts and technical services.  Refining, petrochemical and chemical companies around the world rely on GTC’s advanced technology to improve capacity and efficiency as well as maximize production and processing. With engineering, manufacturing facilities and sales staff located in the United States, Asia and Europe, GTC is well positioned to respond quickly to clients’ changing needs and evolving market forces.

Our success stems from a companywide devotion of going above and beyond in serving clients. We combine unparalleled industry expertise, powerful research capabilities and innovative thinking to solve some of the most complex processing problems. Our staff members expertise, backed by our research and development team are the driving force behind our numerous patents, ground-breaking process innovation, and next-generation technologies.   We are engineered to innovate.